Services for People with Disabilities

Advocacy for People With Disabilities

Consulting Services – We will conduct a comprehensive study to include both the physical location and the external environment and provide solutions to increase accessibility beyond ADA compliance.  With our help, businesses will have the ability to provide truly accessible and inclusive services to people with disabilities.

Patient Navigation of State & Federal Programs – Do you know what programs and services are available to you?  Lighted Path will identify available programs and help you navigate the application process to obtain state and federal aid.

Patient Navigation of Insurance – Let us work on your behalf to optimize receipt of your insurance benefits.  We will contact your insurance carrier to clarify your benefits, help you obtain coverage, and appeal denials.

Advocacy for Students With Special Needs – Lighted Path will help you to understand the Special Education system and available services and supports.  We will work with you to identify your child’s needs and advocate with your school system to make sure those needs are met.  We provide Individualized Education Plan (IEP) reviews and recommendations based on your unique family situation, training to help you advocate for your student, and representation at Planning and Placement Team meetings.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/504 Meeting Prep – Are you new to special education?  We will prepare you for your IEP or 504 meeting so you know who and what to expect at the meeting.  This consultation will include an overview of special education law and terms and acronyms used so you can be prepared to advocate for your child.

Self-Advocacy Training/IEP & 504 Prep for Students – We will meet with your student to provide one on one training to help them prepare for upcoming Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 meeting and to teach self-advocacy techniques.  Self-advocacy is a critical skill for students to begin learning in middle school as they start attending their own IEP/504 meetings.

Grant Application Assistance – We will help you obtain funding to supplement your insurance coverage.  Lighted Path will identify available grants and help you to navigate the application process.

Diversity & Inclusion In-Service Training for Healthcare Providers, Educators, and Recreation Departments – Lighted Path will provide information to Healthcare Providers, Educators, and Recreation Staff about life with disabilities.  We will present a family story and lay out all of the challenges, worries, difficulties, and frustrations faced by families with special needs.  An outline will be provided as to how to recognize, understand, and manage people with different kinds of disabilities.  We will have an open discussion about what the disability community wants others to know and what can be done to provide a more positive experience.  Lighted Path will bridge the gap by increasing understanding about living with disabilities.

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