Healthcare Management Services

Healthcare Consulting/Management

Financial and Organizational Review – Practice Management Analysis – Let 30 years of successful Healthcare Administration evaluate how your practice or healthcare department is run.  We will take a high-level look at your practice to identify areas of improvement and make recommendations in the areas of Staffing, Compliance, Billing and Collection Process, Expense Comparison and Analysis, Hours of Operation, Services Provided, Additional Revenue Generation, and Management Competence.

Interim Management – In a transition period but need someone to “mind the store” in the meantime?  Lighted Path can provide experienced management to not only monitor the key daily functions of your practice, but also provide ongoing analysis and process improvement.

Revenue Cycle Management – Lighted Path can provide a complete review of your Revenue Cycle including systems and processes.  With a focus on demographic gathering, eligibility, co-payment and deductible collections, and authorizations, this is just the start of the critical Revenue Cycle process.  We can provide expertise in your billing process from denial management review to claims review.  We streamline your billing and collection process by introducing timelines that limit the amount of time accounts age and remain on your books.  We will assist you in negotiating the best possible rates with carriers as well as with your outside collection venders.

Expense Management Analysis – Lighted Path will evaluate and compare your expenses.  All of your expenses will be reviewed and recommendations made for expense reductions.  All practices have waste and we will take a detailed, in-depth review of what you have been spending and where.  We will look at both fixed and variable costs to see where vendor change may be appropriate and also evaluate where there may be variances from year to year.

Budget Development – Let us help you to develop a working budget for your business.  We can assist your management team to develop a budget that is well thought out based on previous history and assumptions as you move your business forward.

Key Personnel Search – Lighted Path will help you find that key individual for your organization.  We will help you recruit, advertise, and identify the key person.  In addition, we will help walk you through the interview and hiring process.




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